Someday Is Today

Groupon wants me to get Botox. No, seriously. They DO. Up until today, my weekly emails were largely harmless, featuring the likes of petting zoos and pottery making. No more. Groupon is now sending me straight down the botulism brick road. “$350 value for only $100. Buy now!” Their timing is ironic; today I turn 43. Getting older…

Marley Coffee Cookie Exchange

A Very Marley (Coffee) Holiday

There is no denying that blogging has perks. Not only do you get to share your thoughts and opinions with the world, you also are exposed to brilliant minds and are able to experience unique opportunities with people that you admire. One of those unique opportunities came yesterday in the form of a holiday-themed coffee party….

empty closet

Learning To Invest In Myself

I was recently talking with some male colleagues and during the course of the conversation it was revealed that they are more successful at being a woman than I am. Well, maybe not being a woman, exactly, but certainly in investing in themselves. (We’re talking custom tailored shirts, countless shoe options and tremendous watch collections.) When…