My Incredibly Unimpressive 2015 Plans

This year will be a year of big change for me. Only it won’t look big. In fact, it’ll probably be incredibly unimpressive.  This year I am giving things up. Impressive things. Meaningful things.  Things that people strive for. Things that I used to strive for. I’ve been in a cycle of accomplishment and involvement for…

My Big, Fat Australian Blog Interview

We interrupt our normal blogging schedule to bring you this interesting experience… When you write a blog you have to prepare yourself for the unexpected. In sharing your innermost thoughts with a worldwide audience, you basically open yourself up to anything and everything – criticism, scrutiny, judgment and the possibility of random awesomeness.  I love it when the latter happens….

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Good Reads: Life, Work, Fitness, Passion

Hello, friends. So here is the thing. The Internet is a veritable treasure trove of awesomeness. This is probably not a newsflash to a savvy blog reader like yourself. The problem with the Internet is that it is sometimes overwhelming and easy to get lost in. Also not a newsflash.  Have you ever found yourself…

Why I Can’t Seem to Put Anything Away

My husband is a good man. He puts up with A LOT.  He and I are opposite in so many ways. He is a detail man.  An everything-has-a-place-man. An if-you-put-things-right-back-where-you-found-them-we-wouldn’t-have-this-problem-man. I am NOT. I try. I really do. But I am more of a free spirit when it comes to organization, especially when it comes to housework. And,…


Would You Let Someone Else Set Your Resolutions?

I’m hijacking the Hip As I Wanna Be blog today to ask this question: Would you let someone else set your New Year’s resolutions? OK, OK, I know that resolutions aren’t for everyone. And others LOVE them. To each his or her own. I’ve made them, I’ve met them, I’ve dumped them, I’ve passed on them….