There is something you need to know about me – I am a mom of male children. That is incredibly important for you to know going forward. The reason why it is important is because it is the framework for my life. I am surrounded by testosterone.

Wanna know why my blog has so much pink in it? Mom of boys. Wanna know why I am obsessed with running? Mom of boys. Wanna know why I am living a life of chaos and confusion? Well, you get my point.

First Day Of School

For the purposes of blogging about my children, I tend to call them by the nicknames Tiny Ninja and Young Jedi. There are a couple of reasons for this – the first is just in case there are any crazies out there… and the second is because it just FITS them.

Tiny Ninja is my oldest. He is in third grade. Like any good childhood Ninja he is skilled various different types of combat like:

  • Refusing healthy food items
  • Rebuffing my continued pleas to tidy his room
  • Rejecting the notion of bathwater

Remarkably, he has also mastered the Ninja skills of stealth and silence at an early age. This is especially useful when stealing cookies and other inappropriate food items right before dinner.

Young Jedi is in second grade. And like any good Jedi, he knows everything about everything. Just ask him. He is wise beyond his years. Traditionally Jedi Masters use the FORCE to fight for peace and justice. Mine is no different. He can routinely be found using FORCE as well as being outspoken regarding fairness and how it relates to his own life in the universe:

  • “Hey, he got more time on the video game!”
  • “That’s not fair! It is my turn.”
  • “They have more soda than me!”

Welcome to my world.