A recent study from Sheilas’ Wheels home insurance (no idea who that is) has determined that when it comes to a special occasion, we women take an estimated 23 hours and 45 minutes to get ready.

Really? Cause the only time I recall putting in that amount of hours for “Project Jen” was with my wedding.  And I definitely attend a lot of social functions that require me to actually look put together…


This study accounts for not only the time in front of the mirror but also but also “a massive amount of preparation and preening” as well as checking out five or six shops and a handful of websites.  They go on to report that 3/4 of women will have their hair done, 13% will get a fake tan, 27% a pedicure or manicure, 18% will have a waxing session and 13% will go for a facial.   Some ambitious ladies will even get a fix of  Botox prior to an event and treat themselves to teeth whitening.

I personally think this study is a bit bogus.  Just a publicity stunt to get their name known.  (Which absolutely worked, by the way.  Kudos to them.) I know some high-maintenance women but none of them even come close to being a 23 hour women.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Are YOU a 23 hour woman?