Working Well I am officially reentering myself back into the workforce full-time.  It has been a year and a half since I took a break from the 40 hour a week 9-5 grind and began my journey as an independant contractor.

I will probably miss the days I spent working in my jammies.  Hey, there was no one around so who cared?  I have probably spent more time WITHOUT makeup on then WITH.  (Which is seriously saying something.)

On the up side I am excited that I will get to talk and interact daily with REAL PEOPLE.  I’ve always had my clients to talk to, of course, but essentially I worked alone from my home office.  I talked to “Fire” the bearded dragon and a tank full of fish.  Occasionally even to the dog when she decided to walk all over my paperwork, so carefully laid out on the floor.  Oh, that is a thought.  I guess I will have to get myself organized.  No spreading paperwork all over the floor.  That wouldn’t send the right message about my competence, would it?

Another thing I am just now thinking about…  I better get a couple more professional outfits.  Sweats don’t count.  Shorts are inappropriate.  Old race t-shirts probably are against dress code.  Hmmm….. this could be exciting.  AN EXCUSE FOR A SHOPPING TRIP!

This whole work scenario is just getting better and better.  New shoes, new purse, new office supplies…