I am concerned about future interaction with my children. At this point in my life I am the all-knowing-all-seeing-mother-of-the-world.

I see that changing fast. SUPER fast. The kids are already hitting me with questions that, quite frankly, I can’t answer. Technical questions. SCIENCE questions.

I am just going to go ahead and be honest with you – science was not my best subject in school. Truthfully, I squeeked by. Barely.

And although I would consider myself a morning person, science questions thrown at me before noon unravel me faster than anything.

For example, the other morning the Jedi approached me with this little inquiry:

“Mom, what does DNA stand for?”


“DNA, Mom. What does it stand for? What IS it?”

“Um, DNA

“Yeah. DNA. For real?” (As opposed to what? For NOT real?)

Okay, I won’t lie. I had to Google it. Google, by the way, is my favorite modern day invention. (Besides chicken nuggets and Splenda.)

“DNA stands for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid.”

“What? What’s THAT

(Google, Google, Google…) “It is the genetic material of a cell.”

“What is a cell

(Oh, man! For the love of Pete… Don’t know that one either. Googling…)

“A cell is the very smallest unit of living matter. All living things including plants and animals are made up of cells. Cells are made of atoms, which are the smallest units of matter. There are many different kinds of cells….” (At this point he is bored and totally not listening to me but I am fascinating myself.)

“Okay, okay. Thanks, Mom. Sheesh.”

SHEESH!? I think it is worth repeating – Young Jedi is eight. Eight! (I’m in for a ride, aren’t I?) For the record, he thought DNA stood for Deadly Nicotine Apple. (Tee hee hee!  I love it when I am smarter….)