A mom's dirty little obsession
A mom's dirty little obsession

Sparkling vampires. Dazzling damsels in constant distress. Werewolves. Lots and lots of angst…

Why would anyone over the age of 12 read smut like that?

Because once you start you JUST CAN’T STOP.  I’m serious.

For the record, I  am not exactly to blame for my newest obsession.  Over the Christmas holidays my nieces (girls, you know who you are!) got me totally hooked on Twilight.

No, not the movie… the book. Or should I say books. Four of them. Four very large books. Thousands of pages.

I didn’t get a lick of work done in weeks.

I’m not proud of it. It is not exactly difficult reading. But it IS seriously addictive.

A friend I went to lunch with recently knew all about the Twilight series. She didn’t, however, understand why I was reading it.

She asked me, “Isn’t that, like, a vampire soap opera?”

Ouch. Yep, pretty much.

Yeah, she knew about it because her teenager was reading it.


I felt a little silly. That was, until I happened upon two other mid-thirties moms who were also shamelessly addicted to it.

Then the other day, while at a book store, I encountered a near hysterical woman who was searching for the final installment. She had been to two stores that were sold out of the series. She was definitely FRANTIC.

Apparently I am not alone.

Twilight is like this dirty, little mom secret.

No one wants to admit it.  We are all lucid enough to realize how ridiculous the whole thing is.

And yet still we want ourselves a sparkly vampire with a Volvo.