Runner This is NOT what I look like while running.  Especially today.

Today’s run was really, really hard.  No idea why.  Most of the time if I can just get past that pesky three mile mark then I am golden.  After that the miles just fly by.

But alas, this morning I hit four miles and I was more than done. Now I am cranky.  I just want to get back on the treadmill and show that sucker who is boss.  Which of course, I can’t do.  The kids are due home in 15 minutes followed by their father.

Hubby and I are actually scheduled to hit the weights tonight.  Entire body.  (Ugh, at least it is not a P90X day.  That was last week.) I know weight lifting is  excellent for cross-training but for some reason all I want to do is put on my headphones and run the stress away.  I just need that outlet.  Maybe I will try again when the kids go to bed.  That might make me feel better.

Or maybe I’ll just eat some ice cream.