I thought that it would take me at least two weeks before I had some good ole fashioned working mom experiences to blog about.  I was so wrong.

I don’t even start my new job until April 1st.

This kind of mania right off the bat is a new record, even for me.  I’m kind of in awe.  Talk about having to juggle work and family!Juggling Mom

So,  I start my new job on Wednesday.  (Yes, April Fool’s Day – how appropriate!) We (me, hubby and boys) are scheduled to go out of town three days  into it to visit my in-laws.  It’ll be a quick visit.  Unfortunately, I can no longer leave town early on a Friday.  It is my first week.  I’m not asking off early. And, due to my marathon training, we have to return immediately on Sunday so that I can get a 20 mile training run in.

My newly-aquired-after-school-provider goes on vacation the very next day (Monday) leaving me scrambling to find a neighbor  kind enough to watch the boys on Monday and Tuesday.  Well, Wednesday and Thursday the kids will have to head to their grandparents for a visit because (you guessed it) they are off for Spring Break.  Friday they will be at home with me.  (Thank goodness, I’m off for the holiday.) Sunday, as you know, is Easter.

The very next day (Monday) Jedi and Ninja will visit another friend’s house while their father and I head back to work .  Tuesday the kids return to school, while I fly out to California for three days on business.  Due to my husband’s work schedule that week, my parents will be staying at our house for two days to help him out while I am training.

Did I mention the fact that we are scheduled to have company as well?  My college roommate and her family fly into town on Friday around 2:00pm for a weekend visit.  I fly in the same day but, my plane doesn’t get in until 6:00pm.  Everyone will beat me home…. the kids, the husband and my guests.

So I am thinking that it is indeed appropriate that I start my new gig on April Fool’s Day.  Hopefully it will remind me not to stress and take life so seriously.