Apparently I have been letting myself go.  I didn’t realize.  I mean, I guess I did but… I didn’t REALLY realize.


That is how low I have sunk. MR. BOB, people!

Mr. Bob is my children’s bus driver.  He is about 700 years old.  He is mean.  He is cranky.  He yells a lot.  He is retiring to Phoenix this June.  He says he is over the whole kid thing.

So, today, like any other day, I walked my boys to the bus stop.  As they were loading on to the bus I noticed Mr. Bob waving his hands about his head.  He was looking straight at me.  He kept motioning around his head.  I just figured he had finally gone stark raving mad.

Then he YELLED out, “Fixed your hair today?”

Oh. My. God.

He was talking to me…. BECAUSE I DID MY HAIR.

“Um, yeah.  I got a new job.”


Oh yes he did.  He yelled WHOOPIE.

The 700 year old mean-as-a-snake bus driver was excited for me BECAUSE I BRUSHED MY HAIR.

I have nothing else to say.