Easter BAsketSometimes I’m so stupid that I even surprise myself.  Did you know that Easter is Sunday?  Oh, you did?  Yeah, apparently so did everyone else in the world.

I almost missed it.  It just occurred to me this morning.

I knew it was coming.  I mean, I’d given up all sweets for lent.  I’ve been a raving nasty lunatic for weeks now. You would think I would have a countdown clock until CHOCOLATE (!).

But, no,  I have not PREPARED ONE THING. Not one. My kids will have no baskets.  No candy.  No eggs. No Easter clothes. No ginormous chocolate bunny. Nothing.

Last night would have been a perfect opportunity to go shopping for the holiday.  My kids stayed over at my parents house.  Did I remember in time to take advantage of that?

Nope.  Instead hubby and I drank wine, ate steak and watched a movie.

Such good parents.

So now I have ONE DAY to get it right.  Tomorrow I am off…with the kids…and the in-laws are coming to town.  So basically, today at lunch I need to get EVERYTHING.

No pressure.