Spending time with your little ones can be devastating to your self-esteem sometimes. They can be pretty frank with their opinions and observations.

Case in point… I was spending time with one of my little men this morning.  We were having, what I thought, was a nice meaningful mom-and-son conversation filled with love and happiness and all of that terrific Hallmark card kind of sappiness.  I was enjoying myself.

Then out of the blue, and in mid-sentence, my youngster says to me, “You know what momma?”

“What, honey?

“You have wrinkles.  Didja know that?”

Terrific.  He then proceeded to point out (in case I hadn’t spotted them yet) all of the various places on my face where the wrinkles were now residing.

THRILLING conversation, people.  Thrilling.

It was not exactly a Hallmark moment anymore.  Especially when he pointed out that MY HUSBAND, who is a good five years older than me, does not have any.

I should have grounded him.  Instead I walked calmly away and did a Google search on Botox.

UPDATE (3 days later): The psychological torture continues. My oldest just told me I looked like I was going to have a baby.  My husband hushed him and explained why that wasn’t necessarily considered a nice thing to say to a woman who is actually NOT pregnant.  He seemed genuinely puzzled when he said, “But dad, she DOES.”