I don’t want much out of life. I’m a pretty happy gal.  Content, even.

But I DO want a cup of coffee here and there.  It is my fav.  I don’t think that is too much to ask.

I feel like the fact that I work full-time should mean that I earn enough dough to buy that cup of coffee when I want to.  I mean, technically I SHOULD have money.  Not that I can ever FIND ANY WHEN I NEED IT.

Yesterday morning the boys and I were running late getting out the door (shocker, I know).  So because I was behind schedule, I hadn’t had any coffee that morning.  And trust me, I needed it.

The plan was to pick some up on the way to work.  For that – YOU NEED MONEY.

Now, when I don’t need money I see it all over the house.  Quarter here.  Dollar there.  Even a random twenty that the kid’s grandparents have slipped them.

Yesterday – NADA!

The Ninja tells me that he “totally” knows where all the money is.  He’ll even show me.  (Oh goodie!)

He then proceeds to take out their super-secret-spy-container. As he whips that thing around I hear TONS of change in there.  That sucker is full.

Full of MY MONEY.

Which, of course, we now CAN’T GET OUT.


The super-secret-spy-container is password protected.  It is locked up tighter than the mint.  That is the toy’s whole mission in life... to keep folks OUT.

And my kids can’t remember the damn code.

Oh. My. Gosh. Was. I. Upset.

Spy Lockbox
The culprit. Please, spy box. Give me back my coffee money!

Like I said, I don’t ask much out of life…