This is the first post in a series to focus on

Fitness Fridays! (More here…)

I have three days until I run the 2009 Frederick Marathon.  Three days.


Everyone keeps asking me if I am ready.  Um, honestly, I don’t know.  How do you ever really know? I can give you one promise, though- I will do my best.  I will enjoy the experience.  And most importantly… I will wear hot pink and try not to throw up on the side of the road. 🙂

One of the most amazing opportunities that has come out of training for this specific race is that I was asked to write an article for Frederick Magazine on my training journey. That was very cool.  I wanted it to be real, to be honest and most of all inspiring. (If you are interested, you can see the multimedia companion to the article online here.)

Of course, my first fitness goal for the year is to get through the race.  (I’ll post a race report here afterwards so be sure to check back.) After the marathon, I would like to focus on loosing some weight and getting back on the Body for Life plan.

No rest for the weary…. One fitness journey is about to end and another is about to begin.  Join me?