During the countless hours Jen and I spent training for this marathon, we grabbled with question “why?” Why are we doing this? We kicked around the standard clichés and theories, but never really got to the answer.

I think we just forgot.

After finishing the marathon on Sunday, I remembered. Actually, it was around mile 25.75, it hit me so hard I almost forgot to breathe. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Everyone knows to complete 26.2 miles you need to train. Long runs, tempo runs, speed work. Blah, blah, blah.

To enjoy running 26.2 miles, you need friends. And, boy, did we have friends. They were everywhere – around every corner, following us in cars, screaming encouragement on those Spring Ridge hills – all while braving the rain. For us. Talk about humbling. The runners around us thought we were celebrities. To tell you the truth, I actually felt like one.

And then, at mile 25.75, just as we were entering the gate at the fairgrounds, we saw Kim and Doug Hart. It was almost as if some greater force picked them up and put them right where we needed them. That last bit of encouragement to push us in the final minutes.

And then I remembered.

There is a feeling so unbelievable powerful and indescribable it can not be put into words. It is the enormous satisfaction a person gets from setting what seems to be an unattainable goal and then not just meeting it, but smashing it into little pieces.

There are no adjectives that can articulate this emotion properly. If you’ve felt it, you understand. If you haven’t, I suggest you look deep into your soul and figure out what in your life will get you there. It is so worth it.

And that’s why.

So, thank you friends; thank you family; and thank you volunteers for making Sunday a truly memorable day for me.

And thank you Jen for mapping routes, being the cheerleader, listening to me whine, laughing at my immaturity, for not leaving me on 144 that miserable day (even after I begged you to) and for taking down that wall. We did it. We are awesome.

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