My son caught me crying yesterday morning.

I had a tremendous case of MOMMY GUILT.

I was in the middle of filling out my calendar when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to attend his second grade Mother’s Day celebration. Now I’ve been to this celebration once before with my older son and, truthfully, it is kinda sad to see the kids who’s moms couldn’t make it. The whole thing consists of cookies, some tea and an amazing presentation that has your picture with a hand-written poem created by your child. There is a lot of hand holding and “I Love You’s” going around.

So I already knew how he was going to be feeling with out me. I felt very guilty. And then he caught me.

Of course, being the little man that he is, he ended up comforting ME instead of me comforting HIM. I guess the upside to all of this is that at least he knows that I didn’t take it lightly.

It is so hard to be a working mother. I’m gonna be honest here, I wish I wasn’t working. Especially during times like this. I hate missing celebrations. I hate missing field trips and I really hate disappointing my kids.

But, I have to work. And I know I am not alone out there. There is a whole slew of us working moms out there trying to do the best we can to raise our families and create happy, healthy, well-rounded children.

I just wish we could do it with out the guilt. (Incidentally,  I am Catholic too… talk about a double whammy!)