Actual conversation with Tiny Ninja at the dinner table:

Ninja: I need a spoon.

Me: Mmm. (Cause I am eating and anyone who is a parent knows you have 3.2 seconds to eat your food before the kids want you to get back up and get them ketchup or another random condiment that they never use but seem to need on the table before they can commencewith the eating process.)

Ninja: I need a spoon.

Me: Mmm.

Ninja: Can you get me a spoon, Mom?

Me: Go get one yourself. Oh, and while you are up – get one for your brother.

Ninja: (rolling eyes) I’m like a SERVANT.

Me: Welcome to my world.

“I’m like a servant.” Can you believe he said that? Wait until today when I have him washing the baseboards. (Why? My in-laws are coming and the kids are FREE LABOR, that is why.)

Get a grip, kiddo. You are lucky you are still young. That ain’t exactly child labor.

Child Labor, For Real

Random Kid Comment Of The Week:
“Put a little POP in your step, mom!” – Young Jedi. (While I was setting the dinner table.)