Sometimes I am just overwhelmed at the enormity of having kids.  Sometimes my heart just overflows with love and joy.

This means that I cry a lot.

I cry because my little ones are so precious.  I cry because they are so sweet, and caring and innocent.

I am often overwhelmed.  I’m sure you understand.

I know that I have already filled you in on my severe case of mommy guilt this Mother’s Day. And while it may be true that I had to miss Jedi’s Mother’s Day Tea at school today, I have a number of excellent friends who, through the miracle of technology, shared the event with me via the internet.  (My mother also volunteered to serve as a “surrogate mom” for the event…Thank goodness!)

Mommy Tribute From Young JediThank you to my friends for understanding the struggles of being a working mom and for unselfishly thinking of me during your own child’s tribute to YOU.  Thank you also to the teachers for putting together these wonderful events that remind us just how fun being a mom really is.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.