Dish Scrubber = Happy MarriageYou see this tool?  I scoffed when my husband brought it home.

But as it turns out, it might just save my marriage.

You see, my husband could be the neatest guy on the planet.  This is not confirmed, of course, but I believe it to be very possible.

I believe that there are essentially two types of people in this world. There are those that put gunky dishes in the dishwasher and those that don’t.

Which one do you think I am? You’ve got it –  I am a gunky girl. That should be no surprise to you at all.

My husband will not tolerate gunk in the dishwasher.  His dishes look so clean when he puts them in that I have actually unloaded the dishwasher by mistake thinking that they were finished.

I try to sneak little peices of gunk in because my thought is that  the WHOLE REASON we HAVE a dishwasher is for it to actually WASH THE  DISHES.

But he believes that they should be clean of gunk before being set into the dishwasher. Gunk free. Spotless.

It has become one of those “things” in our marriage.  It ranks right up there with the cap on the toothpaste. (Which, by the way, is also my issue.)

So when he brought this dish scrubber home, I scoffed at it. I wasn’t going to use it.

But then I tried it.

It is actually…. FUN.

So my husband is happy, I am happy and my kids are also  happy.  No more fighting.  No more bickering.  Just dishwasher nirvana.

I wish I were kidding.