Attack of the Star Wars Characters!

Don’t you hate it when you are out for a long run and you are taken prisoner by Imperial Storm Troopers?  Oh, and a nasty little Jawa?

Okay, so maybe it didn’t happen like that.

But I digress…

It just seems like the weirdest things seem to happen to me when I am out on a long run. Which, of course, is why I always return.

I guess you are just bound to find insanity or inspiration out there. Somewhere.

I’ve developed some intense friendships out on the pavement. We talk about everything out on the road. And we experience everything together.

It is what I love most about running.  The camaraderie.  The hilarity and the bonds of friendship.

I remember reading this one article that Kristin Armstrong wrote for Runner’s World magazine.  It was called “Speed Queens” and it was about celebrating her friend Paige’s 40th birthday with a 5K. That article… No, that picture, has stuck with me for years.  They just looked like they were having so much FUN.

I remember wishing and hoping that one day I could have that kind of fun. I just wanted to experience that level of joy while doing something I loved.

You know what?  I believe I have.  Amazing.

Oh sure, my running partners and I have run through marital strife and through money woes. We’ve run through neighborhood dramas and educational issues. We’ve talked of politics and world peace. Yes, there have been some doozys.

But, oh the hilarity! You can’t spend that amount of time with people and not come out of it with some incredibly amusing memories.  Indeed, memories that no one else will understand.

And bonds of friendship that will never break.

…Oh, right.  So back to the Star Wars guys… Truly, Katie and I were just running through Baker Park the other day minding our own business when RANDOM Storm Troopers appeared. It was too bizarre to pass up. So we stopped to investigate. (Wouldn’t you?) Mileage be damned!

All I can tell you is… that Jawa is definitely creepier then the robot dudes. Seriously. In fact, it had just come out of the porta-potty. People, there is just no telling what Jawas DO in a porta-potty.