I think my children are trying to kill me.

One morning I swear my heart stopped dead. Well, maybe that is being a bit dramatic. But seriously, I almost actually had a heart attack, I was so frightened.

What by, you ask?

My children’s uncontrolled screaming.

Let me give you the scenario… It was a couple of minutes before the school bus was due and I happened to be in my bedroom changing when I heard the most unbelievable screams coming from below me.

“MOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!”(Both boys.Loud as their little windpipes could manage.)

I took off running down the stairs in my skivvies at 110 miles an hour.

I was in a total what-is-happening-to-my-babies panic.I was ready for anything.

ANYTHING… but what I got.


Do you know why my darling little men were screaming at the top of their lungs for me?

Moon Sand.

Moon Sand was on the television and they wanted it for Christmas.  They wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss the commercial because they wanted me to know what it was.




I wanted to kill them.  Instead I just stood there in my underwear, heart pounding, with 42 new grey hairs popping out all over my head, silently cursing the marketers of Moon Sand.




And then I grounded the boys until they turned 16.