It just occurred to me tonight that I have no idea what I look like for REAL.Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Ever have that problem?

Have you ever noticed that you look vastly different from one mirror (at the store for instance) to another (in the harsh light of your bedroom)?

Or is it just me?

I spent the entire weekend at Ocean City in a bathing suit and I am not entirely sure if I looked (a) hideous or (b) passable.  Just depended on the mirror I was looking into at the time.  And why is that exactly?  Does ANYONE really know?

The mirror at Kohl’s was okay.  Enough so that I plunked down hard earned cash for a skirted tankini.  A SKIRTED TANKINI(That is a future blog, trust me. I have fundamental issues with tankinis and skirts as swimwear. Then I went out and spent $60 on one. Hence the reason I drank the entire weekend.)

When I got home I tried it on and it looked even better somehow. Sweet.

When I put it on in Ocean City… I HAD A FLIPPIN’ HEART ATTACK.  Suddenly I was faced with impending beach lounging and I was looking at double the cellulite. Triple the thighs. I even had BACK FAT!

Five minutes later I snuck a peak at myself in the living room.  The LIVING ROOM THAT WAS MADE ENTIRELY OF MIRRORS.  (Who’s idea was that, anyway?) And well, it was only semi-horrifying.

I have no earthly idea what I really looked like.

This happens to me all the time.  I will go shopping and get a cute outfit only to find that I look like a cow when I get home.  Or I will think that I look put together when I leave the house but later in the day I find myself startled at the image reflected in the mirror.  Like, “Who put THAT on me?”

Seriously. Why. Is. This?

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