I love Costco.

Costco has done more for my children’s food palate then Rachel Ray ever could.

My kids are picky eaters. They are the kind of kids that won’t eat if one food on the dinner plate has dared to encrouch on another food’s territory.

Oh no. Food does not mix and mingle with one another. It is the number one food rule in my house. The corn is eaten alone. The potatoes are eaten alone.

We do not mix in this family.

But I digress…

For whatever reason, my children’s staunch food rules are abandoned when they pass through the doors of Costco.

In Costco, the little rascals will eat anything presented to them by a stranger in a hair net.

It is unbelievable. They’ll try anything. And the little buggers will LIKE IT!

They’ll try spiced turkey sausage with feta cheese, smoked bruschetta on french bread, grilled steak, chicken quesidillas, casseroles, 28 different kinds of cheeses, blended fruit drinks, exotic vegetables, and the list goes on and on…

So my husband and I invariably end up sprinting around the store scarfing up warehouse sized packages of EVERYTHING that the kids tried, enthralled with the miracle of food diversity we just witnessed our children indulge in.

Oh happy day!

And then, when we get it all home and serve it to them ourselves… they don’t eat it.

I’m seriously thinking of hiring someone with a hair net to come over and feed my children.