My son found the weirdest stuff inside my couch today.

Random stuff from as far back as 1990.


Where did all this come from?The couch in question came from my parent’s house and now resides in my kid’s playroom. That couch saw me through high school, folks. That was a long, long time ago.

A description of the useless treasure he salvaged:

  • bejeweled hair clip circa 1985
    8 different coins covered in green, sticky goo (ewww… don’t even wanna know)
  • 1/3 of a photo booth picture series starring me, my sister Belinda and my brother’s old girlfriend Megan dated September 25, 1990 from that time we went to see Ghost and cried so hysterically that we embarrassed ourselves and left under our jackets as to avoid recognition
  • a high school picture of “Beth” (whoever that is) addressed to my sister Belinda with the signature “friends forever” on the back of it
  • a bookmark I used for French class at Towson State University (I hated, hated, hated that class and thereby that bookmark)
  • two batteries
  • a lighter  – no doubt stashed underneath the couch by one of my brothers who were all “No, Mom! We don’t smoke! What do you keep asking that?”
  • a noise maker from Young Jedi’s 8th birthday party
  • a watch with a pink face that is actually cool and will totally be sitting on my wrist once I get a new battery at Landis tomorrow
  • one dried up lemon looking candy AND…
  • a gold pirate coin

I am still in shock at how old some of these things are.  Just crazy.  Now it has got me thinking, maybe we should clean the house more?