Physical therapy stinks.

Today was my third visit and I am about OVER IT.

So, of course… I hurt myself running the Frederick Marathon a couple of weeks ago.  I may have mentioned that.

IT band injury.  Grrr….

Anyway, now I go to physical therapy.  And do you KNOW WHAT THEY DO THERE?

They hurt me.

They press and squeeze and pull and push on the exact same damn spot that hurts.  And they make it worse. Then they put some goo on my knee, massage it around a bit then take my $20 and set me up with a new appointment.


Sometimes we have real fun when they put electrodes around my knee, cover it in an ice pack then turn on the machine.  ZZZAAAAPPPP!  For a full 15 minutes.

The result?  So far I am out $60 and my IT band is worse, not better.  AWESOME.

Simply, AWESOME.

BTW – $60 doesn’t buy a lot of goo. But it DOES buy you a lot of poking around. I can’t believe I am really paying for this.