So, um, you didn’t hear from me yesterday because I was  busy enjoying a scrumptious meal in Baltimore with my family otherwise occupied, um, working out . Yeah, that is what I was doing… working out.

What? You don’t believe me?


I totally didn’t work out yesterday. I totally ate like crap. I admit it. I had a chocolate chip croissant (Perfect Truffle) then with lunch I had some chips and cookies and then for dinner we had lots of wine um, and some dessert.  And that is only the HALF I am willing to tell you about

Why do I do this to myself?  It is me versus my mouth.  In case you are wondering… my mouth ALWAYS WINS.  <heavy sigh>

Well, tomorrow (read: today) I will pick myself back up and carry on.  Since I figure that many women have these same issues in common with me, I’m gonna share two places on the net that I use to help make it all better….


TRAINEO I need to be held accountable. Don’t know why, but I do.  This site helps me with that.  Traineo is a free online weight loss and fitness tracker designed to keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals.  You get a personal profile page where you can enter in your fitness goal and the date you plan to achieve it.  Each time you visit, you enter in info on your exercise and activity, the calories you’ve consumed and your weight. Traineo then creates charts and graphs of your progress. You can even post pictures.  Did I mention the accountability part?  You get to choose up to four “motivators.” These motivators receive weekly progress reports from Traineo. Talk about accountability!

E-MEALZ – If you know anything about me at all, you know doubt know that I DO NOT LIKE worrying about dinner.  STRESS!  So my friend Lori turned me on to E-Mealz.  For $5 a month you subscribe to the meal plan of your choice.  These include menus catering to a variety of stores and dietary plans such as low-fat, Weight Watchers, vegetarian, low-carb, ect… Each week you log on and get your meal plan.  SIMPLE AND FABULOUS! Plus it generates your grocery list for you as well.  I mean, really. Do I need to say any more?  Oh yeah, and the recipes are GOOD! We’ve loved them all. (Yes, even my kids. Now that is saying something.)

Well, I must be off!  I’m heading downstairs to the treadmill.

No seriously, I am.  I promise!

I need to try to undo some damage. I’ve got a date with a scale Monday  morning.