Sometimes you find inspiration in the darndest places, huh?

Maybe I should begin another way…

I was raised by a woman who never wanted to grow up. My mother loves Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Fairies… you name it. She calls everything “an adventure.” My mom’s enthusiasm and outlook heavily influenced my childhood imagination and thus my current existence and by association, my children’s.

It is no wonder that when I saw the new Pixar movie, “Up,” I was moved. It totally reminded me of my mom.

Without giving the film’s plot away, what I can tell you is that it is a story about the life of 78-year-old balloon salesman Carl Fredericksen. As a boy, Carl is basically thrilled with the adventures of others but is hesitant to have any of his own. That is, until he meets his future wife Ellie, a girl who just exudes adventure and enthusiasm. From the beginning, Ellie shows Carl her adventure book, filled with mementos of her experiences thus far (hey, she is only 8 or so) and containing a page designated “Stuff I’m Going To Do” followed by countless empty pages which she says she plans to fill with the adventure she anticipates her life to be.

UP - Ellie & Carl

The two get married and have a happy life together even though their dreams are interrupted by the unexpected realities of life. (Sound familiar?) Ellie passes away before Carl gets a chance to fulfill his promises to her.

Sounds sad, doesn’t it? Kinda. But then again, not really. It is at that precise moment when Carl’s new adventure starts. I can’t reveal the rest (you’ll have to go see it) but just know that it is a fun adventure film for the family. (It really is… I swear! Think ADD dogs, a slightly annoying Wilderness scout and a colorful female bird named “Kevin.” )

Ellie’s brief story was the one that moved me the most.  It got me thinking about my life, my husband’s life and the future that I want for my kids -A future without regrets.  A future filled with happiness and smiles.

Ellie inspired me to once again visit my list of “stuff I’m gonna do.”  Oh yes, I have one.  Some of it is in my head. Some is on paper. Some is even online in my blogs.  But I am going to assemble it all together to create my list.

FEEL LIKE WORKING ON YOUR OWN “STUFF TO DO LIST?” Some inspirational spots on the net:

Maybe most importantly of all, Ellie’s story also taught me not be disappointed if I didn’t reach those dreams. She clearly enjoyed her journey, no matter where it took her. What a wonderful lesson to learn.