Blue nail polish - fun and flirty or immature?

I need some answers.  I need some comments.  I need some H  E  L  P!

Question: How do you project competence while still keeping true to your fun style?

I work for a very conservative non-profit. That is a fact.  Lovely people. Conservative, but lovely.  (Just so you know, we are talking fashion and appropriateness here, not politics.)

I am a pretty outgoing gal. I love color (lots of it) and projecting my own style. (Okay, I don’t really have a defined style per se, but I know what I like and it is not pearls, IZOD and navy blue. Nothing wrong with that but it is not me. I prefer rock n roll shirts, skulls, and even the occasional hippie-wear. Sans patchouli, of course.)

My point?

My toes. Yes this is a post brought on by toenail color.

A couple of weeks ago I got a pedicure at the beach. I totally went for the blue polish. I love that. I’ve been proudly parading around with it ever since.

But I’ve noticed that others have noticed my toes.

Am I being inappropriate or does it matter?  How do you infuse bits of your personality into your professional work attire?  How? What is right and what is wrong?

No, seriously. I’m asking.  I don’t want to give up the blue toes.

Ladies, how do YOU do it?

BTW – In case you are interested, teamsugar has the lowdown on the colors featured in the pic.

They are::
1. Sephora – 56 Electric Blue
2 & 6. Color Club – All In and Jewel Tone Blue
3 & 7. Essie – St. Barths Blue and Aruba Blue
4. Opi – Lincoln Park at Midnight
5. Orly – Blue Collar