My kids aren’t really open to Sushi. Seaweed just isn’t their thing, I guess.

So the Japanese delicacy that my husband and I adore has been off limits.  That is, until LAST NIGHT.

My friend Lori whipped up some snazzy Twinkie Sushi for the kids.  Yeah, you heard me right… Sushi made with Twinkies.



  • Twinkies
  • Green Fruit Roll-Ups
  • Gum Drops

Twinkie Sushi for the kidsCut your Twinkies into sections resembling the size of a regular Sushi roll. Trim outside edges of the “roll” so that most of the outer layer is gone.

Slice strips of the green roll-ups so that they can be wrapped around the outer layer. (It should resemble the” seaweed” found on a regular Sushi roll.)

Cut various colored gum drops into small rectangular pieces and arrange in the center of your Sushi roll.

VOILA! Twinkie Sushi. (Trust me on this one, your kids will love it.)

By the way, this is also a really fun activity for kids to do on their own.  Perfect for a rainy summer day!