Here it is.  The bane of my existence… my IT BAND.

The bane of my existance - my IT band. Mother. Of. Pearl.  I HATE that sucker.

I ran a paltry 2.5 miles this morning.  And now the band hurts again.

I know most people probably don’t know what an IT band is, nor do they care. I get that. But it has become such an annoying and painful injury for me.

My physical therapist calls it the “most frustrating running injury.”  No kidding.  This coming from a 27 year old elite male athlete training for the Hawaii Iron Man.

I hate him.

Okay, I don’t hate him.  I do, however, feel a lot of animosity towards him and his young, healthy, elastic, stretchy non-painful IT band.  Grr….

So now I can’t run.  It have been sidelined since May 3rd.

I don’t belong to a gym so I don’t have access to an elliptical. I am gaining weight as we speak and all the cardio that I can squeeze in is on a 1967 Sears stationary bicycle that someone gave me a couple of years ago.  Wonderful. Oh joy.

I’m feeling a little snarky this morning, does it show?