Week two of summer camp for my kiddos.

So I go to drop the Ninja and Jedi off at camp this morning and we are faced with quite a startling welcome.  Five boys, all about age 11, smacking balls against the door to which we are about to enter.  These young gents are kind enough to part ways so that we can come in but only after one wayward ball comes screaming towards our heads, rebounds off of the wall and narrowly misses the Jedi.

My kids are staring at them (and ME) with wide frightened eyes like, “Are you KIDDING, Mom? Hello? We are going to DIE, here!” (I’m not worried. They can hold their own – believe me!)

At the same time we are greeted by this lovely young lady named Amanda who introduces herself to us as the camp director.


She looks about 15 years old.  She is trim and petite and has an itty-bitty voice and a huge smile.  She goes over the rules with us, talks with the boys, and handles the older kids.  She tells me that she just graduated from college and is interviewing for a teaching position in Frederick County.

The Ninja and Jedi warm to her immediately. And THAT… worries me.

I think she may be in danger.

She does not exactly instill FEAR into the campers.  She is a little too kind, if you know what I mean.

I think she is going to get eaten ALIVE.

I’m praying for her. I just hope she is still there when I pick them up this afternoon.

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