I’ve been blog tagged.

Being relatively new to this bloggety-blog world, I wasn’t expecting blog games.  But now, of course…  Well, it is on!

Mary from Pajamas and Coffee totally tagged me.  So the challenge is to go into your photo folders- choose the 6th folder, then the 6th picture, and you tell the story of the photo.

I was a little worried about what I would find (thank goodness it wasn’t the 7th folder!) but  here it is:

Kris Kringle ProcessionThis is me and my son Tiny Ninja just before the Kris Kringle procession in Frederick, MD.  You see, my boys are scouts and at the time I was one of the scout leaders.

That thing on my head?

A double Santa bobble head headband. Cause I’m cool like that.  And I just wait all year for excuses to wear ridiculous things. Don’t judge. I love it. It makes me happy.  And yes, I am immature that way.

We were supposed to dress all the kids up like “reindeer” and have them participate in the parade around downtown Frederick.

Which sounds simple, right?

The “dressing up” was the easy part. Keeping 72 boys in line, in a parade, was not.

Sometimes, boys don’t follow directions. That is just a fact. So the stress level was high during the procession.

Call me crazy but I seriously didn’t want to loose any one’s kid and then have to go running around town trying to find a random male-child reindeer in 10 degree weather.  That is not happy-holiday-fun for Jen.

Anyway, they were the cutest little showboats.  And they enjoyed themselves.  We drank heavily afterwards.  And yes, it helped thankyouverymuch.

Jedi and Ninja ReindeerSo that is my tale.  Now I am supposed to tag three other bloggers so they can be completely embarrassed do the same.  So, I’m gonna tag Amanda from Parenting by Dummies, Hanna from While I Should Be Cleaning and Jo-Lynn from Musings From A Housewife.

Fun, fun, fun!