We play a little game in my family to express our love an affection for one another. I don’t quite remember how it started.  I think we saw it in a movie and the boys picked up on it somehow.  Or maybe they invented it.  Who knows?

Anyway, it goes something like this:

Tiny Ninja:  Mom, I love you more than Twizzlers!

Mom:  I love YOU more than chocolate!

Ninja:  I love YOU more than ice cream sundaes!

and so on and so on…. Of course, my mom got involved and everything went crazy from there.  (Naturally!) Now it sounds like this:

Young Jedi:  Mom-Mom, I love you more than cricket heads!

Mom-Mom:  I love YOU more than turkey buzzards!

You Jedi:  I love YOU more than dog breath!

So that is how we express our love for each other. You should see people’s faces when they hear us in the parking lot at WalMart or at the movie theater!


(BTW – I love my blog readers more than fish guts and chocolate cupcakes!)