I could fill an entire book with insane things that my kids have said to me. If you have children, then I am certain you know EXACTLY what I mean. Sometimes it takes all of the willpower contained in this body just to keep from laughing out loud at the things my little ones come up with.

The other day Young Jedi had me discussing toe hair. No, seriously. TOE HAIR.

YJ: MOM! LOOK AT THIS! Why do I have this long hair coming off of my toes?

Me: Honey, everyone has hair on their toes. It is natural. No worries.

YJ: No. You are wrong!  He (Tiny Ninja) doesn’t have toe hair.  Look!  LOOOOOKKKK!!!!

Me: Well, he WILL. He just doesn’t have it yet.


And from there, honestly, I had to walk out of the room.  I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I am a grown woman debating about toe hair with my 8 year old. OMG.