This is the first of a new series I’m calling  “Stuff You’ve Just GOTTA Have!”

I don’t know about you, but when I find something that I think is terrific I’ve just gotta spread the word.  Have something you want to share?  Feel free to recommend your favorites to me by using the contact form found here.

STUFF YOU’VE JUST GOTTA HAVE: Julie Boonshaft Jewelry

Julie Boonshaft Jewelry

My friend Julie Boonshaft is a true inspiration.  She is stunningly beautiful and tremendously joyful.  I am not-so-secretly-convinced that she can do anything – be it wrangle her four kids (Yes, I said FOUR!) or create delightful jewelry.

Julie is like so many of us mothers – although we relish every hectic day with our children, our aspirations to do something unique with our individual gifts aren’t always fulfilled. 

Julie found her artistic outlet in the creation of jewelry.

“Ultimately, I absolutely love being a mom, but I’ve also never had a more challenging job! There are so many times in the day where you question- Did I teach them all I could? Are they going to remember all the acitivities we do? The playdates? The swim lessons? The picnics in the basement just for fun?! I found that my days were absolutely consumed with the joys and perils of mommyhood. Selfishly, I needed something of my own- an outlet for my creativity, a tangible result to something that I had done.”

“I make jewelry in the middle of the night when the kids are asleep, my own time, just for me… and yet, ironically, the very first jewelry I created was “mommy” jewelry…  a name bracelet for myself.  Little did I know, the ‘Jared and Josh’ bracelet I wore so proudly would be the beginning of this incredible journey. They are and always will be my inspiration.”

Through her online website, Julie Boonshaft Jewelry, Julie offers stunning and unique personalized jewelry pieces that range from Yoga-inspired to bridal adornments and one of a kind commemorative necklaces and bracelets.  I dare you to find something you don’t love!  BTWTHIS is my favorite.  LOVE IT!

Julie's Munchkins
A mother's inspiration!