Today’s topic – mommy judging.

I’ll admit it. I’ve been judged. Perhaps you’ve been judged yourself.  Or maybe YOU were the one casting the criticism?judging

Every situation is different just like every child is different. Sure, some parents are more lenient than others. Some parents go overboard on correcting their child. Whatever the case, parents just can’t win. It is just so subjective.

It occurred to me the other day when my fellow FNP blogger Amanda was getting raked over the coals by someone she didn’t know… that sometimes people jump too quickly to their own conclusions.  Some woman totally went off on Amanda not really knowing her story. Instead she blasted her for her lack of parenting skills.


Have you ever been the victim of a highly opinionated somebody? Probably. Maybe you just didn’t KNOW it at the time?

That reminds me of something.  I had a conversation with my friend Makenzie eight years ago about this very thing.  I still remember it. (Which is a miracle in itself considering I can’t remember the word CUP.)

Anyway, Makenzie was at my house literally fuming over a woman who confronted her about her discipline methods in the grocery store.   Apparently her son Cade (a very, very bright four year old) was at the checkout counter with her and was angry because that he wasn’t getting any candy.  And he wanted some. (Gee, a kid wanting candy. At a checkout counter. How odd.) He was acting out by being rude to the store clerk who was trying to engage him in conversation. As a matter of fact, he spit at the woman. (Feel free to be properly horrified at the thought. I certainly was.)

So, what would you do if he was YOUR son?  Well, Makenzie smacked his hand and spoke sternly to him.

Which made the seriously misguided woman in line behind her gasp and say, “Oh, that poor, dear, little boy!”  (Oh yes.  She DID!)

At which point my pal turned to her and said, “Oh yeah?! You won’t think he is such a poor, dear, little boy when he is 16 and trying to steal the radio out of your car, will you? You might want to mind your own business ma’am.” (Because they say ma’am in Nashville. Even if you are in their face judging their child-rearing skills out loud. They are polite that way.)

I was so glad she told that lady off that I almost kissed her.

See what I mean? You are blasted if you do and blasted if you don’t.  Anybody out there wanna share their story?