As I may have mentioned before…. I’m a huge Harry Potter and Twilight fan.  Don’t act surprised. You knew this about me already. Just don’t judge, okay?

I read the classics, TOO.  In fact, I am usually reading three or four books at once.  Which is pretty bad, I know.  For example, right now I am reading God Out of the Box, The Power of a Positive Mom, Champions for Life and Notes From A Friend. (Yes, this entire paragraph is me trying very hard to convince you that I am not a freaky mom obsessed with books that have not basis in reality and instead am an intelligent woman who happens to read some fantasy fiction because she finds pop culture slightly amusing. Did that actually work by the way?)

AnyWAY, @JessicaKnows send out a tweet this morning (Twitter speak in case you are lost) about all the news Harry Potter fans would want being in one place.  (Holy Hanna!) She led me to this siteOhmygoshohmygoshohmygosh So happy!

But wait! THEN I found that Alltop also has a similar type of sight for Twilight.

Wow, people.

Now crazy obsessed freaks like me fans can really feed their addictions. Which might be bad, actually. Especially if you have a day job. Which I do. Or I …DID.  Cause between these sites and Twitter I might not get to the whole “work” thing and last time I checked they didn’t pay you to surf the internet.