I stomped my feet like a child yesterday.  And I yelled.


Um, yeah, my temper tantrum looked similar thankyouverymuch...
Um, yeah, my temper tantrum looked similar thankyouverymuch...

How embarrassing.

I just couldn’t take it.  No one in my family was LISTENING to me. The thing was, we needed to get ready to leave. And for some reason new Godzilla Wii game, no one seemed to care. The kids needed teeth and hair brushed and shoes on. And, hello, NO ONE WAS LISTENING TO ME!!!

So I threw a mommy fit and stomped my feet.

And, oh yes, they paid attention. But I totally looked like a fool. I’m brilliant that way.

Before you go all kamikaze on me and congratulate me on ruining my children by example, KNOW that I did go back and explain to them why what I did was wrong and all that.

B U T here is the funny thing – I have to giggle. Really. I kind of enjoyed my moment of insanity. I rarely do stupid and asinine things. My little tantrum was freeing, albeit in a warped way.

Makes me wanna take it a bit further and perhaps walk deep into the forest and let out the biggest scream I can muster. Wouldn’t that be SHOCKING?

Who knows what would come after that? I might tattoo “I Can’t Hear You” on my arm. We’re talking mommy mahem here!

I think I need therapy.