Welcome, friends!Nice to meet you…

I’m a bit of a newbie blogger so I am truly excited to be participating in Pensieve and Musings of a Housewife’s Blog Hop ’09!

My name is Jennifer and I began my little blogging journey on Tots2Tweens and totally fell in love with it.  From that point I was encouraged to write a parenting blog called Momma Mania for my local newspaper. (I kept @mammamania for my Twitter name so please feel free to follow me and we’ll chat!)

I soon found out that blogging is kinda like getting a tattoo… you get addicted and just want to do more and more and more…. That is where this little blog came in. I just wanted to OWN my own blog. I wanted to write WHATEVER and not worry about it.  Kid stuff, book stuff, running stuff, life… whatever I feel the need to dish about.

Personally, I’m at a bit of a crossroad in my life.  I’m in my 30’s but just really figuring out who I AM. With each day I live, I seem to discover more about myself. I no longer feel the need to fit in and conform to what others might expect of me. That is a huge relief.My Masquerade Birthday Party

So why the title “Hip As I Wanna Be?” Well, there are a lot of reasons for that. But the reality of it is that as a younger person, I never gave myself permission to BE what I truly wanted to BE. I always second guessed myself and tried to conform to others standards. (Always such a people pleaser!)

So at this point in my life, I am a working mom on a quest to successfully juggle my life, my marriage and the mania of male offspring while struggling to get my mojo back. And based on the feedback I’ve received, I get the feeling I am not alone in this.

Who else is in the trenches with me?

My boys. I know, right?