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For whatever reason, I was up and wide-eyed at 4:00am this morning. I COULD NOT SLEEP.

No idea why.

So I got on the internet, checked my email. Looked over the BlogHop ’09 participants. I hopped around. I commented.  I read about The Bloggess and  her insanity at Blogher.

But still, I was not tired. AT. ALL.

So what does a bored girl do at 4 in the morning?  Make her husband get up.

Hey, listen. He is the one who is all “we’ve got to start getting up earlier to work out.” So, I made him hit the weights with me.

Oh, don’t worry. He paid me back. He made me do decline presses. Which I hate.  I really, really, really hate. Decline Press

Anyway, so far today I’ve managed to get in an upper body workout and a three mile run. Fingers crossed that my IT Band doesn’t decide to act up because tomorrow morning I am supposed to go running with my pal Rachel at 6:00am.  I am officially late in my marathon training. I should be up to 14 miles at this point and so far I am at… wait for it… five. Yes, I am not even in the double digits yet. Freakingreat

Still on the agenda for tonight is a 15 minute “Firm” leg workout and abs. I hate abs. I whine every single time we do it. I have a girlfriend who will never watch television unless she is engaged in a physical activity – usually ab workouts. Yeah, whatever. She is the same fruitcake that is on her bike for two hours each morning beginning at 4:00am. I never take advice from nutballs. I’m kinda funny that way. Come to think of it, this friend of mine has a rockin’ bod. Perhaps I should take notes instead of dismissing her dedication?