Dear little men of mine,

One day you will understand the depth of my motherly love to you. You don’t understand it now. In fact, you even take it a little bit for granted. You shrug it off.  Assume that all mothers would do the same for their young.

But NO.  They wouldn’t. Not all moms are as kind and selfless as I.

Today I made the ultimate sacrifice for you.  Today I….  WENT TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD POOL.

Oh yes. I surely did.  This is the second time in a week, in fact.

ALL. FOR. YOU….. and that damn swim bracelet you wanted to earn.

I suited up and went to the neighborhood pool and pretended not to be bothered by the other women there looking all young and trim and cute while I looked all middle aged and frumpy. I even smiled and pretended like I wasn’t affected by it. I AM MOST DEFINITELY A GOOD ACTRESS. I could win an Oscar for my performances, I tell you.

No matter.

I take heart in the fact that one day you will understand the trauma that you put me through.  Or at least your wives will.