We had quite a shindig last night.  For a last minute get-together, we certainly pulled a crowd!

There were 68 people packed into our humble abode, all there to celebrate for celebration’s sake.  We gathered them all together for one reason – in this age of modern family life, there just isn’t enough time to catch up with all of the fantastic friends in our lives.  So we pulled them all together for a night.

And it was a blast!

We had Sangria and munchies and Sangria and mingling and Sangria and lively conversation and …  by the way, did I mention the Sangria?

There were people everywhere and oh yes, there were kids.   Don’t ask me the parent-to-child ratio because I really don’t have a clue.  I am afraid to figure it out.  All I know is that the kids totally outnumbered us and if they would have given it any thought, they could have taken over the world.  But since they are apparently too naive, we somehow survived. No small miracle there.

As far as the parents went, well, they certainly got their party on.  I am sure there were more than a few who didn’t feel quite the same the next morning. C’est la vie!

Amy, Sheri & Jen

Couple of hot mommas, don’tcha know? Literally. I mean it was like, 95 degrees out there.

Joe, Joe & MikeMy dad, my brother and my hubby. They kinda look sober here. Maybe this was early in the night?

Lori & MeMy pal Lori and I sneaking away for a moment before being found by our children. Can’t a girl get a break?

And Then The Jello Shooters Came Out!And then the jello shooters came out in honor of my husband’s birthday.

Not surprisingly, I forgot to take anymore pictures after that.

Just a word about the food for a moment….WOW!  So much WOW that I am going to post some recipes later in the week for you.  Man, I really need to learn how to cook one day!