Enjoy this blog from my longtime pal BJ… wife and mother of three. By the way, when I say longtime… I mean LONG TIME.  Like, high school show choir buddies.  Like, drama geeks, like… 80’s survivors.  (And, of course, current Facebook pals!)BJ and her crew of beauties!

Bloggers Note: Names have been changed to protect them from future therapy sessions. All of our kids have a nickname that all refer to birds. It started when my oldest was a baby and my husband dropped him off at daycare one day. When I called to see how the “drop off” went he responded: “Falcon has landed.” It stuck and we are now the proud parent of Falcon, Bluebird, and Condor

I always loved going back to school. Every year my mother would pose me out in front of our house with my new backpack, lunchbox, perfectly curled sponge rolled hair and, crisp pressed blue plaid uniform.  My backpack would be packed for weeks with all of my new supplies. Dad and I would do the same pose every year. There was NOTHING like it. It was the best feeling in the world.

I started this tradition with my son and hope to continue it with my daughter but I’m not sure it will fly.  Actually I’m really scared it won’t.
Bluebird; age 5, is my second child. She is the child that my husband and I know will be able to take care of herself at any point in her life. We don’t know what occupation she will choose but we knowingly think to ourselves “we will so be riding on her coat tails in 20 years” she will make something of herself. We also think, “HOLY CRAP we are really in for it when she’s a teenager- Alarm system anyone?”

Bluebird has confidently declared that she will NOT be attending Kindergarten. This is unfortunate because school begins in T-minus three weeks. I have three weeks to convince my headstrong daughter that she will be okay. I have reservations too, because as I have said, you haven’t met Bluebird.

I know Bluebird is ready. This is a girl who can meet friends and get free food from anyone. She can navigate her way through a crowd, make her own meals, pick out her own clothes, and tell everyone where she stands.  She is the first to run and take care of her little brother when he cries or whimpers and is the first to notice if anything is out of place.

She recently spent most of the summer taunting siblings of the teams her brother happened to be playing at the state baseball tournament. She sent many a boy crying to their parents as I hid behind the concession stand in fear.  A little boy approached me with a sincere apology for pegging Bluebird in the leg with a baseball. “I’m sorry ma’am but  your daughter told me her brothers team was going to beat my brothers team and that she was sorry I was wimpy and had to wear diapers.” (Did I mention the boy was eight years old?) When I asked for an apology from Bluebird she responded (with a towel over her head hiding) “Is that the wimpy boy that wears diapers???”

Bluebird’s “What I Did This Summer” Essay will be: “Watching Baseball, Kicking Ass, and Taking Names.” There is no question in my mind that she will NOT be able to take care of herself. She may not have a ton of friends at the end but she will keep rolling.

The school issue is a tough one for us. A typical conversation goes something like this:

ME: Bluebird, you are going to have so much fun and learn so many new things!
Bluebird: I don’t need to learn new things my brubby (Aka Her Older Brother) can read to me or Ill get one of my boyfriends to do it. (Did I mention she’s 5? She knows this particular comment “freaks” my husband out as she refers to it and frequently taunts him with it)
ME: Bluebird  – you will get to go to gym, art, library, and play outside!
Bluebird: (Roll the eyes) I can do all of those things here with you.

Tomorrow we go school shopping for new supplies, clothes, sponge rollers, and perhaps something plaid? I will prepare for this trip like a performance with zest and enthusiasm that I haven’t used in years since being on stage, but the one thing I know for sure (cue Oprah Theme Song) is however she gets there will be on her terms but we’ve got three weeks to figure it out and will hopefully get a picture to capture the memory, if Bluebird is in the mood, of course.

Stay Tuned…