Yes, you read that right.

I concede. (Stupid IT band.)

I am downgrading to the 1/2 marathon.  Considering the fact that I still can’t run longer than 6 miles without inflaming my stupid-no-good-IT-band, I am okay with that.  I had really, really, really wanted to tackle two full marathons this year but I guess it is just not in the cards for me.

So I will be running with Katie (and any of my other running pals… hint, hint!) in the Baltimore Half Marathon on October 10th.

I’m trying not to be bittter. I do kinda feel like my body betrayed me but, in reality,  I wasn’t stretching or cross-training enough. I brought it on myself.

On the postive side of things, I will earn the Maryland Double again this year.  (That would be a third medal you earn for completing both the Frederick and Baltimore races.) Hey, I am all about the bling!

2008 Maryland Double bling!
2008 Maryland Double bling!

So slowly I am working on my training program for the half marathon.  I’m not worried.  I’ve actually run this particular race three times so I am really looking forward to it.

I am not going to concentrait on my time for this race because my PT says that speedwork would only aggravate my injury further.  I’m not really fond of it anyway so I was pretty happy getting that diagnosis.  🙂

So if you live in or around Baltimore and plan on running in the Baltimore Running Festival – drop me a line and maybe we’ll get a chance to meet.  The more, the merrier!


  • My friend Kelly B. and I were discussing marathon training philosophy the other day and we found ourselves perplexed over just how many 20 mile training runs someone should tackle before the big day.  Everyone has a different opinion.  Some say one. I prefer two and she was thinking of doing two to three.  Kelly found a pretty interesting article online that suggests well, NONE. Fascinating!  Read it here.
  • Interested in discovering a new running site?  Chic Runner is fun and Danica just posted some cool race videos from the San Francisco Half Marathon.  Check out the action here.