Mojo baby, yeah!

Not to go all Austin Powers on you but, I’ve lost my MOJO, baby.  And I think you might have too.

Not judging. Just sayin’…

If you look it up in the Urban Dictionary you will find the following definitions: That quality, often elusive, that sets a person apart from everyone else. OR Self-confidence, self-assuredness. As in the basis for belief in one’s self in a situation. OR Your cool/style essence.

MOJO Baby, Yeah!

Most people that I talk with around my age  having spent the last precious years of their life with children sucking the life out of them feel exactly the same way –  uninspired and a little well, lost.

We are not exactly living that exciting life of purpose and passion are we?  (I mean, WE are, of course… but those OTHER people reading my blog definitely need some help!) And not to go all “YMCA” on you (however I did work at a Y for a trillion years) but getting your mojo back is a spirit, mind and body sort of thing.  Don’t you agree?

Yes, we should focus on our physical well-being. Yes, we should focus on our mental ability and attitudes. Yes, we should focus on our spirituality.  It is all-encompassing.

So, since I have been dubbed (by my mother and mother knows everything, doesn’t she?) the QUEEN of self-help, I will be focusing some of my bloggety-blog efforts into helping myself and others get their game back.  Let’s set some goals together!  Let’s become better friends, parents and citizens.  Let’s transition from our sleepy state of acceptance to one with purpose, passion and intention!

Some fun resources to get you inspired:

  • Launch Your Personal Comeback – Good ole’ Oprah.  Even though I think she is a bit of a wack-a-doodle at times, Oprah is still dead-on with some of her advice.
  • Body For Life – This challenge can change your life. Literally.  BFL is one of my favorite lifestyle changing tools.  What better than a fitness competition to inspire you to get off your you-know-what?
  • Mamavation – Help Maria, the Mamavation Mom, change her life.  In turn, it is bound to motivate you to change yours!
  • Improve Your Vocabulary – Take a gander at this article with some interesting suggestions on how you can improve your vocabulary and broaden your horizons.

Well don’t just sit there… get on with it!  Your mojo isn’t going to knock on your front door.  What EXACTLY are you waiting for?