My son is such a contradiction. He is 10 (OMG!), but an innocent 10.  He has such a sweet, naive personality that sometimes I truly forget he is older than he seems.  My best example?


Oh my, does he need it.  When you consider his age, you totally understand that he is beginning the transition to the hormone years.  But when you interact with him you think that he is still this sweet wide-eyed-innocent little boy.  A dichotomy, to be sure.

The hilarity of it all is that it is a huge effort to get Tiny Ninja to use the darn deodorant.  He does not want to…BECAUSE HE IS SO TICKLISH. Most of the time we have to hold him down.  Oh yeah – it is a deodorant war!

I WISH I WERE KIDDING. He begs me not to make him put it on again….

I know, right? Notice his breathing and the “Done!”  (He IS adorable, if I do say so myself!) And yes, we just bought him the spray kind because I am just not fighting that fight any longer!

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