Ever find yourself in one of those moods?  Yeah.  You know what I mean.  That FUNK in the middle of the day.

Next time you are  in need of a little lift, try one of these tactics out for size:

MOVE IT! – You heard me. GET. OUT. OF. THAT. CHAIR. NOW.  The unique combination of florescent lighting and hours of computer screen gazing have an uncanny ability of sucking the life (and enthusiasm!) out of you, don’t they?  There are literally tons of studies that suggest that even the smallest amount of exercise can improve your state of mind.  Get off that chair and take a quick walk around the building. Or, even better, the block.  (I’ve always envied smokers who manage to take a “smoke break” every hour. So I try to fit in a “sanity break.”)

BRIGHT COLORS= HAPPY CAMPERS – Keep the blues at bay by wearing (or decorating your office and/or house in ) bright colors.  Colors have the ability to instantly alter your mood.  Orange adds excitement while yellow is purported to naturally lift your spirits!  I, personally, like to wear bright pink.  How can you be depressed if you are wearing something that obnoxious and cheerful?  (Then again, I tend to gravitate towards things like “Hello, Kitty” so what-do-I-know-anyway?)

SHOW A LITTLE GRATITUDE, SISTER – You might need a reality check.  Give yourself a moment to jot down things that you are greatful for in your life.  Go deeper than the standard “my husband and my children” response.  The deeper you dig, the more you discover.  Instant mood lifter!

IMAGINE YOUR WAY OUT OF IT – Visualization is an amazing tool.  When you find yourself in a funk, imagine your way out of it.  Visualize yourself scooping up all of your problems and locking them in a chest. Then go ahead and toss them into the ocean and watch them sink!

INDULGE – Buy yourself something fun, colorful and impractical … flowers?  Or maybe those Jimmy Choos? Lively flowers

EMERGENCY TACTIC – Call a friend.  Pick that phone up and call your favorite Chatty-Cathy and let her guide you out of your morbid state.  Hey, that is what girlfriends are for!


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