You said it sister!

That is how I feel AT THIS VERY MOMENT. (And it is only 7am) I’m just being honest here.  Two days remain until my vacation!  OMG,OMG… I hope I make it!

Here is what I need to do before I leave:

Car nightmare… Last week a pal of mine hit the back of my car on accident. (She totally feels guilty!) I need to get an estimate for repairs. Haven’t been able due to in-laws visiting and working late EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  Ideally, it would be nice to get an estimate and drop the car off for repairs while I am gone.  Um, yeah. Right.

My sons need to be enrolled in soccer and basketball leagues.  Have to do that today or they will be SOLD OUT!

Another car nightmare – My front windshield needs to be replaced.  It has a crack and some lovely officer pulled me over yesterday to give me a ticket for repair.  OMG!  I have 10 days to repair it and get another officer to sign off on it.  TEN DAYS.  I am going to be gone for 8 days.  So I need to get it done BEFORE I LEAVE.

School supplies – must double check that it is all together.  Supplies together? Room assignments? Bus schedule? We come back from vacation Sunday afternoon.  Kids to school on Monday.  Who the heck planned this vacation again?


Animals – Dog to kennel. Lizard to friends. Fish need auto-timer.

Work – Five publications to get finished and off to the printer by tomorrow.  I just have no comment about that. There just are no words.

Blog (s)  – Gotta prepare for next week….

Articles – Deadline today for Frederick Magazine.

Bills – Must pay bills or DISASTER upon return.

And this, my friends, is just a partial list.  Thank  you for visiting. Aren’t you glad you are not me?  Well, at least until Saturday, that is!