I really thought I was past this point.  Totally in the clear.  Make it through-the-rain, so to speak.  The Jedi is 8  1/2.  Way past the stupid scissor shenanigan stage.

Or so I thought.

I walked into the bathroom last night and found THIS on the floor:

Oh yes, he DID.

Ninja has brown hair.  I knew immediately who was guilty.  So I screamed uncontrollably from the other room asked him to come in so I could inspect the damage.



Oh, yes.  He DID.  They are…. very, very short. (Obviously.)

He cut his own hair right before our once in a lifetime Disney trip.  You know, the one where we will probably take 700 + pictures?  Nice timing, dude.

So I have to take him to the hairdresser tonight and beg her to undo the damage.  I really thought I was past all this.