By the time you read this I am most likely going to be on my way to a grand adventure in search of … Miss Bell.  Sure, some folks travel to Florida to meet the Mouse. I’m not interested in him or that weird Duck character. Nemo is cute and all that, but even HE doesn’t interest me that much.  And forget about the Princesses.  Blech!

NOPE.  I am on a fairy hunt.

See, I have a theory.  I think that Tink is the original good-girl-gone-bad.  Just think about that for a minute.  She is cute as a button.  She has a temper… AND…Have you ever seen her outfit??!!

You just KNOW she secretly rocks out with the pirates.  No way is she staying home and pining for that little Peter shrimp. Come ON! Why would she waste her time?

Tinkerbell, the original bad girl.Pirates are WAY MORE FUN. At least that is my humble opinion.

And that is why she is my new Disney World HERO.

So although my entire week at Disney will, no doubt, be driven by male hormones encouraging them to seek out speed and adrenaline, I will be scanning the horizon looking for fairies.

I have a feeling that I’ll find Miss Bell near a pub in the Magic Kingdom getting a new tattoo put on.

I’ll be sure to bring you back som pixie dust.

BTW -check back here all week.  I have it filled with guest posts and all sorts of other goodies!