My bloggity-blog pal, Lara is not only a totally cool mom to four, OMG (!) FOUR, kiddos but she also manages to stay sane by blogging over at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom. Yes, I know. Hilarious title. I can so relate cause, um, that is all my kids eat. She totally knows, like, the wax Bono!

Well hello there Hipsters! I’m DiPaola Momma of the Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom. I was totally knocked out of my socks when Jenn asked ME to guest post for HER! Almost enough to stop my daily campaign to secure a spot in her vacation luggage ensemble. After all when one is hip one does not simply have bags they have travel ensembles, right? So instead of a long winded get to know me piece I’ve decided it’s pop quiz time kids in honor of this most magical time of the year, BACK TO SCHOOL… YEAH! Here we go..

QUIZ: How well do you know your Hip?
Question 1
Hip Jenn has gone on vacation, where did she go?
A. Burning Man (because she is a hippie wanna be)

B. Comicon (to let the dork in her out to play)

C. Mensa’s annual camp brainiac (to debut her new quantum theory of isotopic degeneration)

D. Disney World (because that’s were all the cool kids go)

Question 2

Hip Jenn loves cookies, Latin food and would happily bathe in a cask of sangria. How does she stay so freakin’ skinny and cute? (feel free to hate her for this)

A. She does not a dam thing, she’s simply genetically gifted

B. She has unlocked the secrets to super human metabolism and refuses to share with the rest of the class

C. She has hired a personal chef on the sly who can make magic with no calories or fat

D. She runs her tukASS off

Question 3

Hip Jenn is the proud momma of two boys, they are

A. Too cute for words

B. Going to have to beat chicks away with a stick

C. Could very well be the next “Bros” sensation

D. All of the above

Question 4

According to Hip Jenn herself she is tryin to get her _____ back.

A. Baby back, baby back, baby back ribs

B. Mojo (yeah baby)

C. Her Fillet O’ Fish

D. The millions she invested with Bernie Madoff

Question 5

Hip Jenn is one of the founding moms and editors of one of the COOLEST new sites in web-a-verse, what is it?

A. This is a trick question, it hasn’t launched yet.

B. The Maryland Mom Bloggers

C. Both A and B

Question 6

Hip Jenn has the hip-est of the hip BBFs (bloggy best friends). I, DiPaola Momma, am just hip enough to be one of them. For some crazy reason this hip chick digs The Nuggets, why? Could it be one of these posts or just answer D?

A. Dear Boobies, An Open Letter

B. When Is It Ever Okay?

C. Open Letter In Three Parts

D. Who knows, it’s probably something she should discuss with her doctor.

ANSWERS: Who really cares? It was a great way to avoid what we really should have been doing while were here, right?